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Redbricks Referral Program

Did you know that London Property Corp has a referral program?


Referrals are a very big part of how we rent out all of our off campus student housing in London, for Western University students. We really appreciate the relationship we have with our tenants, and we’re always so happy to hear that our renters have such a good experience that they want to refer us to their friends. We have a referral program that benefits you in 2 ways:


You can help make the Redbricks a better community by loading them up with your friends (why wouldn’t you want all your friends to live near you?!?)
You can make some really easy CASH!!! We offer $100 for every successful referral


What is a successful referral? When you refer a new group to us (it can’t be someone who already lives/lived with us), and they sign a lease. That group needs to inform us in writing before/at the time of signing that you referred them (they can’t come back to us weeks later claiming they got referred; it HAS to be before they sign)


And that’s it! There’s no cap on it – in previous years we’ve had people earn upwards of $1000, and you can too!


So spread the word if you have friends in any of the Western University residences, or friends already living off campus who are looking to move. Talk to people in your classes, cafeterias, or on the bus! We want to have your friends be your neighbours, and we want to pay you for it!

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Sam Maclin
September 22, 2021
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