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Winter Break Info

Hey Everyone,


We really hope Western is being kind to you this exam season. We know as students this is a very busy time of year for you, but there is some important info you should be aware of before packing up and heading home (this info should also have been posted to your Yuhu account as well).


1st off, don’t forget helpful tips from the past! If you’re going to be gone for more than 48 hours, then you should shut off the main water to your unit to prevent leaks from occurring while you’re gone. And don’t forget to make sure you lock all doors and windows before you go. It is unfortunate, but sometimes people will try to target student housing rentals at key times when students are home from university.


A lot of times tenants will turn their furnace off when they go home trying to save heat. DO NOT DO THAT! This can result in pipes freezing and bursting which can cost tens of thousands of dollars in damage (and that would be your responsibility). Instead, just turn your thermostat down to about 10-12 degrees. This will save you a bit on gas costs, while keeping your unit warm enough that pipes won’t freeze. ***If you live in a unit where your thermostat controls other people’s heat (namely 351-365 Wharncliffe), please leave your temperature set to normal room temp!

Next, make sure you always check that you have your keys when leaving the unit, in case a roommate locks you out by accident, and absolutely make sure you have them before heading back to London after the break.


Finally, we hope you all have a successful exam season, a happy holiday, and a restful break. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone back in their student homes in 2021!

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Sam Maclin
September 22, 2021
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