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Hey Everyone!


We hope you’ve all been having a nice summer so far. We’re excited to finally see some indication that things are starting to get back to normal. It looks like everything at Western is a go to be back on campus in the fall. Just make sure you’re all trying to get vaccinated as soon as you are able to. Around the Redbricks we’re still taking necessary Covid precautions: masks are still needing to be worn in all common areas of our buildings, our cleaners are still frequently using our hydrostatic sprayer to disinfect common touch points, etc. London ON is currently seeing great progress with their Covid numbers, and we want to continue to do our part to help that process.


For those of you who are new groups with us this year, our turnover team has been working very hard to get your units ready for you. This year it’s been a little bit slower because of Covid, and we really appreciate your patience and understanding while we work through this!


A couple things to be aware of if you’re visiting your unit this summer:


1) Make sure you double check that you have your keys before you make the trip down. We don’t always have someone around to open a door. And remember, being locked out does not constitute an emergency, and if a staff member comes out after hours it will be at a $50 charge to you.

2) Keep in mind we are currently experiencing extremely hot, humid weather. Especially for those of you in 1st floor units, it’s going to feel extra humid especially if all of the windows have been sealed up all summer. You’ll need some time to air the unit out. An A/C unit or a fan will help. While you’re there, it’s best to open windows at night when the air is the coldest, and then close them during the day to try to keep that cool air in.

3) Make sure you 100% check that all of your doors and windows are locked before you head back home. If windows are not locked you become an easy target if someone wants to break in. Be vigilant!

4) As always, if you’re going to be gone for more than 48 hours we suggest turning off the main water to your unit so as to not allow for a leak. For more information refer to your new tenant packages


That’s all for now. Stay safe, enjoy the summer, and we look forward to seeing people in the fall.


And if you made it to the end of this, thanks for sticking it out! The 1st 3 people to email Sam ( will receive a $50 uber eats gift card


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Sam Maclin
September 22, 2021
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