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We want to promote your small business!

Hey LPC tenants,


Have you started your own small business or have a side hustle? Part of a family business? We want to help you promote it! At the Redbricks we always have our tenants send us their ideas and hear some great business ideas from the Business 2257 course. We want to help you promote your business. Whether it’s a student-focused business here in London, or something you’ve got going on back home, we know times have been tough, and London Property Corp would love to do our part and help get your name out there. Just tag us in an Instagram post (@lpc_redbricks) and we’ll repost it in our story!

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Fall Reading Week

Hello London Property Corp tenants (but really this applies to all Western students, both on and off campus so feel free to pass on my words of wisdom),


Western’s fall reading week is upon us. Make sure you use this time to relax and unwind. University can be a stressful time, and especially with the bombshell of a year that is 2020. So use this week for some self-care. Sleep in, catch up with family and friends, maybe read a book? Ahh who am I kidding, no one actually reads on reading week.


It’s also Halloween weekend. We hope you have lots of fun, but please stay safe! If you’re staying in London and are looking for something to do, you can find some events happening around town this weekend here And if you’re going home, please remember to close and lock all doors and windows before you leave! Before heading home, read local warnings here


Don’t forget to enter our #RedbrickOrTreat Instagram contest. We’re giving away 3 cash prizes of $100. Details were emailed out this week. If you don’t already follow us on Instagram you definitely should


So have a great weekend, an even better week off, and we’ll see everyone when they get back!

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Hey London Tenants - Win a Pizza Party Tonight!

Sitting at home struggling with the age old question: what the heck am I going to eat tonight? Well struggle no more because the Redbricks at London Property Corp has you covered! You can win a pizza party for you and your roommates tonight!


To participate you must be a student in one of LPC's off-campus housing rentals in London, ON. If you are then here's what to do:


1) Click on the "Contact" tab on our website

2) Fill out the contact form. In the message box make sure to include your bulding/unit number and which pizza place in London you want it from


We will accept entries from now until 3:30pm. All entries will be put in a list and a random number generator will select the big winner! We'll contact the winner directly. 


Thanks for playing!

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Sam Maclin
September 22, 2021
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